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    Calendar management &
    Appointment scheduling

Calendar and resource management

Easy to use and manage, 3D Calendars for resource timeline management optimization.

Team Scheduling

Scheduling with Workers, Reps or Services providers. Follow up processes, Status and monitors

Online Appointment/meeting scheduling

Appointment scheduling for service providers or representatives – connect any website to enable scheduling

Time management Apps

Apps for Smartphones and tablets, for calendar management and appointments


Connect your legacy systems to fully update your scheduling abilities and customer service

Voice and TEXT reminders

Automatic prior to appointment reminder with confirmation prompting, prior to arrival

CRM integration

Integration with internal management system, synchronization with existing CRM, integration with corporate network

Outlook integration

Calendar synchronization with Outlook or Exchange

Google integration

Calendar synchronization with Google calendar

Integration with Call centers

Integration of calendars to Call centers for appointment with service providers scheduling

Appointment stations - Kiosks

Kiosk stations for real time appointment management

Voice appointment scheduling

Telephonic appointment scheduling through a rep or IVR

tagatime presents: Cloud based Appointment scheduling and Calendar management

The Calendar is a very powerful tool when it is properly managed. We understand this and enable you to manage your time in the most effective and intuitive way.
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Over 5000 small businesses have connected to Clients
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Appointment scheduling and small business management

Easily and comfortably manage and fill your business calendar via the smartphone, tablet or computer

Cali provides your business with all the tools to nurture your existing clients and to grow into areas you have not yet discovered



tagatime provides solutions to different industries from on shelf products to products that are tailor-made for the specific needs of clients
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Real Estate

Over 5000 small businesses have connected to Clients
Powered by tagatime 

Integrating tagatime for your needs

Integrating tagatime for your needs
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